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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
From the WFTF Constitution paragraph on National RGB representative qualification:

Once a shooter has represented a Country in the Champioship he/she may only change RESIDENTIAL qualification after one year's residence in the new Country.

Which means:

Lived in a Country minimum 1 year (resident, or citizenship)

OR been born there (citizenship)

Or Parent born there ("usually" confers citizenship rights).
Ah I see what you're saying... that the other two qualifiers still stand. That would surely only affect those that moved to a 3rd country... for the rest there would be no need to return to their home country, they could just change the week after calling on their Parentage or Birthplace. So Don (for example) could shoot for NZ. And those who have parents (we all have two, assuming we know of them both), one coming from one country, the other from another country, and themselves born in another country, and living in another country for over a year could have 4 countries to pick from on a daily basis? If the 'new country' for residence is only after one year, when does that year start? Does it have to finish? Because if that's the case, Gcos, having lived in Malta back in the day for over a year, could shoot for Malta then?

Now that applies to a few shooters already applied for the worlds. We can change their country without them changing location, is that how you see it?

The rule needs looking at anyway. There are rules in operation in Germany that prevent non domestic shooters shooting for Germany even though they were born there and have parents there. It's nothing that the WFTF can fix as the BDS licensing requires their shooters are resident.

I thought the idea behind the rules was to allow those that moved abroad for a year or more to represent the countries they were resident in, and if they returned 'home' to have been there for a year before being able to switch back. If the other 2 qualification methods stand along side residential qualification after changing team, then that seems have created a bit of a mess.
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