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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
The way I understand it Don is you would have to return for a year to Nz having represented England in Norway.
From the WFTF Constitution paragraph on National RGB representative qualification:

Once a shooter has represented a Country in the Champioship he/she may only change RESIDENTIAL qualification after one year's residence in the new Country.

Which means:

Lived in a Country minimum 1 year (resident, or citizenship)

OR been born there (citizenship)

Or Parent born there ("usually" confers citizenship rights).

Those were the three criteria, all of which are valid concurrently, there is no cooling off period required if you qualify under any ONE of those.

These were set that way so it "included" shooters rather than"excluded" shooters at Worlds. If you are lucky enough to have Parentage or birth citizenship of a Country other than the one you have been resident in for at least One year ("at least one year" entails sitting out one Worlds competition), then you have those three options to choose from, which are NOT exclusive.

In drafting the motion and discussion with Johan at the time, this was the intended outcome.

If you did not have any other form of citizenship rights in another Country, and just moved betwen Countries, then wishes to shoot for the new Country, (such as England and Wales or NI) then the one year stand down would apply.

Hypothetically: where a shooter moves from South Africa to Australia or Canada, shot for those new Countries (after a year's residence and standown) but wanted to shoot for South Africa the year after........that is permissable with no standown as they have birth status in South Africa. English residents born in Wales have the same option to shoot for Wales. Hungarian citizens living in England have the same option. It still ties them to their birth nation or their Parental nationality, while being able to reside where they choose to live or work if they have to shift about in these modern times.

The only scenario that would fall foul of the rules is where a shooter is deemed to have claimed a " National representative status" at a Worlds, where clearly they have not lived there 1 full year, been born there, or have a parent that was a citizen of that Country. This would be deemed a ringer.


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