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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post
Seems to have a good Baiting Section on this Board

Current Defiant Range might not Suit you that have bothered to really try them

In Clean Action and Barrels - As Bullet Shape requires to find Rifling for Speed and Accuracy

But Defiant's are just one of Many Pellets that Pax Produce

For Home and Overseas Market

Currently it Seems the largest Market is overseas @ present

But Hugh - Owner does not worry as long as the Factory is working Well - Viable

Especially as it p.......s off this Government that Top Exporter is a Air Gun Pellet Manufacture

That's without attempting to supply the Growing USA Market - Not viable due to Insurance Problems

Not forgetting that the
Target Section is Only a Fraction of Today's Air Gun Market

Bob it's just not target shooting, i wouldn't even use them in my hunting guns, 12ftlb or FAC as i've yet to find a gun that likes them, some people may not care where a pellet lands on live quarry but i do.

If Hugh would just make a pellet that's a diablo shape then he could be onto a winner.

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