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Originally Posted by Gcos View Post
I asked the question if I could qualify for the Worlds due to being a resident in various countries over my lifetime. The reply was that " No ,its having lived in a country for at least a year up to the point you want to shoot .You cant dial back 20 years and pick one at random". Which in all honesty I thought that was a very clear concise ,fair and more to to point sensible answer.
However I have been looking on the WFTF website and discovered the following.

A very well connected member of the shooting fraternity has shot for the following countries
2012 USA 20th.
2011 USA 36th.
2010 Wales 40-41th.

I was wondering if any one could confirm that this person has not been resident in England since 2009.
Before the rule change to its current form, one had to be resident 5 years, or be a natural born native of the country you wanted to represent, or have Parents born there.

I moved the current rule change, and so understand the intent. It was, and I believe the WFTF rules allow you to represent a Country IF you are resident for a period of 1 year, OR were born in that Country, OR have a parent born in that Country.

Having previously resided in a Country at some stage does not fit the rules. But we made the change to accommodate FT shooters who may move about the world to follow career change opportunities without too much downtime.

If you are referring to Ian Harford, he was born in the USA so also qualifies for that Nation should he choose to shoot for that team. Not sure where he currently lives though, England or Wales.

A few others have done similar, all quite legitimately. Can only think of a couple of instances of abuse of the Nationality qual rules in the last few years. No biggie, and dealt with by WFTF appropriately at the time.


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