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There's really not much difference between them. They both share the same common trigger block and reg. etc.

The components in the HP were originally designed to allow FAC power levels to be achieved (100bar reg.), whereas the FT was all about repeatability and consistency (85bar reg.). Most Steyrs nowadays appear to be set at 85bar across the board.

The stock on the Connect can fishtail to the left and right to give you increased handedness. I haven't seen this on any other rifle, and the difference it makes is hard to overstate. The HP is obviously lighter.

The external power adjuster is slightly more consistent over the chromo, due to the design of the hammer and how it interacts with the cocking bolt but it really doesn't make much odds in real world conditions. Expect somewhere in the region of 3fps shot-to-shot variation with decent pellets.

A lot of people don't like the external velocity adjuster, because it makes it 'capable' without the need for parts to be removed.

If you like an adjustable wooden stock, the stock on the Hunter model is really nice. I'd say the Hunter is the closest thing to being ideal for most people (as borne out by the sales figures).
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