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Originally Posted by TREV RYN View Post
what if all the other regions all want to send a junior as well as nefta ? like neil says the host nation has set the criteria for the worlds we have to go buy it wether we like it or not.
Exactly Trev.

Still to date, I have not seen any proposal about Juniors and how it's proposed they are to be considered for worlds attendances. To date we've only taken 1 in the past 4 years (thanks for the correction Barry). To date there is no junior registered from England on the German website. There are 6 juniors registered from other countries.

If people wish to create a rumpus on an internet forum that has nothing to do with the EFTA or BFTA, then they can fill their boots. But if they think that it does anything to further a cause that has not been mentioned to the EFTA in the past 4-5 years, that might have only got to the ears of a regional rep around the time this thread was started (and not before the last one was), a cause not even mentioned for weeks after the announcement had been made about selection, if this is such a hot issue, then I suggest they stop wasting their time on some internet forum and actually sit down, work out a working proposal (not some scheme that just suits one person or the moment at hand), submit it, and then at least the rest of the committee might get a chance to see it to talk about it.

To save people ******* in the wind further, i'm locking this down.

Take it up with a rep or me via the appropriate channels.,410.0.html
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