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I had the Connect, today I have the HP, both in .177 caliber; trigger blade is the same; the rail scope is additional in both cases; the connect have an external power adjuster, on the HP you must remove the stock, in both rifles can easily adjust the speed; accuracy, power and autonomy is very similar. In both guns the accuracy is fantastic!

The stock of FT is very uncomfortable. In both cases you can do a full wood stock. Wood is much more comfortable than the connect stock.

To 18 FPE will give 35 shoots already, 12 FPE will give about 120 shoots. New connect is longer barrel and air cylinder, so give more shots.

In both cases will bore shot that hit in the same place!

This is my new Steyr HP

(Ignore the bad groups, were the first shots, the rifle is new, was in scope adjustment. Groups were bad but the flies were not alive, lol)

Down the velocity for 65 equal shoots with 1/4 spring turn.
High: 877
Low: 862
Prom.: 869
Energy: 17.3 FPE (JSB 10.3)

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