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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Why do you have to ask the question? What's the great need? The team will be announced when the team is announced.We will do that as soon as the results are in and checked over.

Yes. That was all done in September. Who did you raise your objection to? What was their response? This is not the EFTA forum, and you should have approached your rep.

It might be easier to run a dictatorship. But if that dictatorship said sod Juniors, you would be ok with that would you?

You say you've been following a consistent path for a number of years yet you've never spoken to me about it... I haven't seen anything from your region about it... i've seen nothing from anyone apart from one parent who has approached me unofficially about it...

Put a proposal forward, if you're not getting any joy from your rep then send it to me. But I won't respond to ranting and raving on a forum. That's what I think you need to have a rethink about.
With regard to my mails . Which members of the EFTA commitee have you contacted to discuss your replies with ?.
I will answer each of your bullet points in turn.

1.Re the team selection. I have to ask the question as arrangements may need to be made for this event .We would not want same scenario as 2006,2007 or as I fear 2014.The EFTA would be well advised to take note from history.
2.I realise that this is not the EFTA forum and if you would rather this discussion continued on another site please direct me to it. With regard to my objection ,you really havnt answered that question as I can find nothing that says you cant make an objection after a certain date.
3.Re the dictatorship , it now appears that ,that is what has happened and well havnt they said sod the juniors . I havnt seen one glimmer of hope for them from the EFTA.
4.Re my consistant path. I am speaking to you now about it as the NEFTA region has a Junior that has a great interest in going to Germany. But this is only a small part of what I and a number of other people have tried to achieve in FT. You are obviousley not aware of the history to all this.
5.Re the ranting , raving and rethinking ,you are entitled to an opinion as I am , perhaps my thoughts are the same.