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Have to say think the questions have been answered Put simlpy the info has been available for a while now via this forum itself. It apears regarding dylan this should either have been directly with rob who lets face it is the man to go to for all matters concerning The Worlds or via nefta at the meetings in any other business if there was a question to be asked there has been ample opertunity. If Dylan and paul were unsure of anything regarding this they could have asked anyone on their own club or at any of the other shoots they have attended who could have directed them to rob or their club rep could have asked for advice on this and there would have been information passed no problem.

I have to say myself that Dylan is more than capable of qualifying for his place at Germany..I will be trying to do this myself along side him however i would not be too pleased that i missed out on going by 1 place just based on me been older than dylan. That would be very unfair. However if i dont qualify i dont qualify simple.