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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Again, for the simplicity, the EFTA has had no objections from anyone about it's selection policy.

Which Junior/s are we talking about?
Who was the subject raised with, how and when?
What was the response?

The words " easier to type few words on a forum somwhere rather than actually sit down and work out a coherent proposal and raise it through the correct channels " spring to my mind.
Which Junior/s are we talking about ?. Dylan Varney. Redferns.
Who was the subject raised with,how and when ? With a number of of NEFTA members, not sure, at the winter league shoot at Guisley on the 8-10-2012.

What was the response ? a certain member of NEFTA offered to take him if he could get a place.

Re " The words etc" tried to do that earlier tonight.