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Default Re the Juniors

Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Yes the reps were informed of the selection process when the committee of reps agreed it in September. It was also posted publicly on the 12th of that month on the EFTA sub forum of the bfta site. To date, since the meeting and the decision, there has been no objection raised by a region or any person for that matter. Nor has there been any question by any shooter, parent or guardian about selection policy for Germany for juniors.

The classes of shooters were circulated for feedback with the EFTA reps when the wftf proposed them. Again there was no objection raised by the committee then. The EFTA did raise concerns about there being enough places to accommodate class completion but the only classes enshrined are the pcp and springer. The others are subsets of the field's entry.

The EFTA does not dictate what happens in the wftf more than any one shooter or anyone else for that matter does in the EFTA. It's a democratic process as much as it can be. What is not acceptable is the suggestion that the EFTA has to do something just because someone thought about it and posted on the Internet about it somewhere. That approach, I would respectfully suggest, is the thing that needs the rethink.
Re Para.1.
After reading the post on the BFTA website on the EFTA sub forum dated the 12th Sept ,my understanding is that the team will be selected from the results of the British Champs and the Inter regionals. I have to ask the question when will the team be announced.
With reference to your last sentence of that paragraph , well I have raised an objection. Have the EFTA put a closeing date on when one can raise an objection.
Re Para. 3.
Whilst I appreciate that you are trying to run a democratic process within the mind set of the EFTA and it would be much easier to run a dictatorship , you should be looking to encourage Juniors in FT. and in my opinion neither the BFTA or the EFTA has made an effort with regard to that fact in the last 12 years..
With regard to your comments "what is not acceptable etc" sentence 3 . It is quite acceptable that I should make the comments that I have made and I have just not thought about them and I do not need to rethink anything. I will make my position quite clear, I have been following a consistant and well defined path with a number of parents and supporters over the last 12 years to encourage Juniors but to no great avail .