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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Spent Saturday in the reasonably mild Tondu conditions, complete with "sun"

Still decided that REV was dropping low at 50m so added + 2 clicks to 50 m setting. All ready for castle on Sunday

4.20am Start and what was a failry horrible drive up through fog bank after fog bank. reduced pace meant i did not get to Castle till 8.10am.

Exited the Car to be hit (no not by Fisher) by a wall of coldair.
Bloddy hell it was cold.
Thing is, apart from a fleece top i was generally in summer cloths, as they did fine saturday!
Off to Zero range after a bit of wheeler dealer stuff with knobman and giving Gilly a disk of Dirty photos.

Zero range and 20 shots was enough as my legs were getting colder by the minute. Thaught shots were still a bit lowe at 50m but other ranges seemed ok.

Started on lane 1D which meant12 peaople had shot the targets by the time I sat down.

shot with Danny Webb and ? told you i had a bad memnory. thing is, I know both my shooting partners were from Greyhound and both scored 22, yet i cant see a name on results i reconise. Still, enjoyed the company thanks.

Anyway, T1 was a tough 50m shot in the field. Happy to nail it as it was a suck it and see shot really.Went ok for about 4 lanes but nothing too hard.
knocked over the first kneeler of the day, think it was 35 ish yards only to miss the much shorter one! A shiver went through me as i **** (edit -At this point i should point out i shot, shot shot yes but ony shot but it is funny lol)
and pushed the pellet well passed 3 oclock!

Hit a couple more though before the wheels fell off, or more to the point Froze.

Think it was T13. Fuill kill, about 30 yards. went down middle only to see pellet strike 7 edge. ok touch of unseen wind but thaught the driop od 20+ mm was me?
T14 was a 50m one. dialed 50m, gave 1/4 inch out of 3 only to see my perfect wind estimation strike 6 edge.
Bemused as i did not think it was a 53m target, but thats what it should have been for the pellet to drop that low/
seems not. t15 was i think 40m. Gave 3 edge, again perfect wind and pellet strikes 6 edge.

So 4 down instantly and from then on it was just practise and guess the extra clicks.
Was very happy to nail some of the long 50m targets that were placed on the edge of the field, the Rat i had cross hair on its nose to hit so 3 inches of wind? Infact i missed nothing for wind today, just the cold temp pushing the pellets down. Heard a couple say they had seem 5 degrees when were were shooting so it was cold and I have to admit it just caught me out and i was not prepared for winter, as it had not arrived in Welsh Wales!

Missed the 32m Stander, but could not care by then. Had another 45m one strike 6 edge so as the other target in the lane looked closer i could not be bothered re-parralaxing it or dialing and just shot. Got the wind spot on again to hit 12 edge lol!

So, crap score, would have been a 28 + if not frozen but saying that i actually shot very well.

Fisher shot Crap too but beat me, but even that did not cheer him up as gilly dropped 3, which was a bit poor as well!

Consentration was not what it should have been perhaps as it was two birds with one pellt today.
Took a few snaps, bit of chatter and then off To Mr.O workshops.
Now i am not the most technically minded but i was impressed with the set up and even more so when the PRIEST was fitted with the new Air Stripper.

seeing it put together i can understand how so much goes into each one and why they are 180, quality costs and I think it is worth every penny.

super Sexy looking, even sounds the Miz.
I thought i shot all right like yourself the cold caught me out as well, with 3 shots dropping out the kill
i spent most of the shoot adjusting the gemini, starting on standers didnt help missed the longer one....oh well roll on the greyhound.
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