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Our batch arrived on Friday. The first thing we did was to do some sample weighing. These pellets look well made, clean, bright, properly formed, no apparent damage, and the weights are some of the most consistent of any pellet I've ever tested, apart from the very first batch of Webley Mosquitos which were incredibly consistent.

H&N supplied 4 tins of 100 each of FTT in 451 and 452, Barracuda Gold in both sizes, and Barracuda copperheads in 452 although the letter says they are 451.

I weighed 50 pellets from each tin.

The FTT specified weight is 8.47 grains. I found the 451s ranged from 8.46 to 8.66 with an average of 8.56, SD 0.0498. 452s were also very good, 8.43 to 8.63, average 8.52 and SD 0.0454.

The Barracudas were if anything even closer to spec weight. Nominal weight 10.3, they came in at average 10.26 and SD 0.049 for the 451s and average 10.32 with SD 0.061 for the 452s.

But the star prize goes to the Copperheads. Spec weight 10.19, average 10.22, SD 0.037, highest 10.31, lowest 10.12.

I've only had chance to try the FTTs and in the Pro-T they were very tight in the breech. Grouping was not bad, not up to Mossie standard, and the groups fell about 2 inches low at 55 yards which could be a function of the heavier weight and the tighter fit. I'm in the process of running a few through a sizer to see if that helps.
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