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It was a win for SWEFTA by 238 to 230.

As there were only eight from WAFTA (and it's normally the top ten scores to count) the result was based on the top eight for each side.

Wales took the first and second places. The SWEFTA top eight were Trevor Bray with 31, Barry Smith, Mike Watts, Rob Farnworth and me all tied on 30, and Andy Williams, Alec Gibbs and Nigel Street on 29.

For me the shoot-off was a disaster; I went back to the car to pick up my rifle where I had left it on the grass bank, only to find that somebody had trodden on the muzzle and bent the wind boom. I did a quick check on the practice range and it all seemed OK but the first shot of the shoot-off went best part of 3 inches high at just under 50 yards, so that was a miss. After that it was too much to adjust and get the same target as a kneeler so I took seventh place, and I think Mike was 6th, Barry 5th and Rob 4th.
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