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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Welcome, Bill!

There is a long tradition of excellent Indian food in the UK with lots of regional variations. "Balti" is a speciality of the asian restaurants in the West Midlands, whereas in West Yorkshire (where I'm from) the restaurants veer more toward the Kashmiri and Punjabi cuisine. Don't know if it's true but I heard "balti" is Hindi for "bucket" and thus it means a curry cooked up in a single pot. The skillet in the picture is actually a Karahi.
Mmmm I'm hungry too now!
Mostly right there matey but I think it's urdu for bucket rather than hindi. The story is that a Pakistani Restauranteur wanted some serving bowls or karahi's made by a local Seikh metal worker, one speaking only Punjabi with broken English & the other speaking only Urdu with similarly fractured English. As a result he ended up with, 'Eating Buckets' & the Balti was born!
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