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Default A fly between paper and pellet... well, two. Two seconds filthy funny

To mark the homecoming of a new member, I started to check their behavior.

With lenses rendered, since the eye doctor has not sent theirs:

Came very angry (to 20 FPE) so I decided to turn down power.

I started to make groups at 30 and 50 Mts.

Was 30 mts. target of those moments when a fly landed happily, so the new family member no mistake:

I was glad accuracy known as the house that sent it, I was enjoying the moment when a second fly landed next to the deceased, or rather missing ... because literally disappeared, there were only some traces on paper, well I press ... forgave either:

After so much violence, hahaha, I became eager to continue testing, lol, returned the glasses to his brother and ended the day:

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