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Originally Posted by alan 1946 View Post
err umm hello er is there anyone out there? Heres the thing ive only got one freind on "shooting the breeze".ha i hear some of you thats one more than you only freind is chris coombes and i know he cant stand it to be that i must remain un loved,?unwanted?uncared for,?unwashed,? Unclaimed as a freind,?please restore an --old--no a very very old mans faith in humanity..please dont leave me all on my own with just coombesy to call a freind compassion......

Well you put yourself out to befriend the old and incontinent misfits of our society and that's all the thanks you get,i really don't know why i bother.
All i tried to do is help this old sod out,because to be honest if you had seen by how much he was missing the kill zone,and not by millimetres but yards .
This chap Alan honestly would make an onion cry and would give a aspirin a headache,but i befriended him.
,but if he has to have a friend it will still be me.


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