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Originally Posted by alan 1946 View Post
Err umm hello er is there anyone out there? heres the thing ive only got one freind on "Shooting the Breeze".Ha i hear some of you thats one more than you deserve.My only Freind is Chris Coombes and i know he cant stand it to be that i must remain un loved,?Unwanted?Uncared for,?Unwashed,? Unclaimed as a freind,?Please restore an --OLD--no A VERY VERY OLD MANS faith in humanity..Please dont leave me all on my own with just Coombesy to call a freind COMPASSION......
YOU been on the "Stella" agen Al, How many times i told you take the meds leave the beer alone................I,m sure Choombsy will talk to when he gets help to get down off the scaffolding mate.
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