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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
No not made up and something of a spanner in the works as I had planned to go Mfta and shoot Castle, as it allows me to pick the Priest up.
Never planned on Swefta v wafta.

Seems, most of Wafta has not either.
as of Sunday there were a number of top shots saying they were not going as it were too far or they had other plans!
that included Berty, doz, Arms dealer, Myself, Chris Keyworth and I dought Big mike will go.
that left Little jack and i quote "if I can get a lift"
Even some of my die hard Tondu travellers were not keen on the trip to Weymouth, nor was our Chairman!

Anyway, sunday weddings are very popular, you can get the same venue as you might book on a saturday for about 2/3rds the cost. Your day will come and it may take your fancy?

However, the spanner has moved back a week as of today, so i am now booked into castle and looking forward to seeing how the new set up works. I wont even mind Fisher beating me, if he can?
I was looking forward to the castle winter league untill i read this... beating you is of no concern to me,
i doubt i will even notice you are there..ive got bigger fish to fry......let me know when u win summut, il break out the pies
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