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As Rob has stated, Francois has been at all the events from 2009.

2009 South Africa he attended as an individual as there was space to accommodate him.
2010 Hungary he was invited by SAFTAA to attend and defend his WFTF junior title.
2011 Italy he made the Protea team and represented SA as part of the national team
2012 Norway he won our national championships and was again awarded Protea colors and represented SA as part of the team.

in 2011 & 2012 he had to compete against the seniors for his place in the National side to assure a slot at worlds. We do not at present have a slot reserved for a junior.

This year we were fortunate that both he and Joshua made the team, and due to cancellations, another junior (Jaques), was able to enter as an individual.

We only have place for 8 members in our national team, and only the top 8 shooters after our Nationals qualify for those slots. We have been lucky in that there is normally a lady and a junior amongst these 8.

Next year we will have an individual springer shooter represented, as a sponsorship deal was secured with a local supplier for the next 3 years to take a single springer shooter to worlds. Other than that you have to qualify in the top 8 to secure a place.

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