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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Without passing any comment on any RGB's methods of determining their members going to Worlds events,.......perhaps its time WFTF started adding days to the main event.

Juniors/Seniors Days or any other added classes legally allowed in the Hosts territory, then the main event for Springers/PCP as the finale.

Turn up in time for your own match,......... maybe watch the other days as a spectator/supporter.

Longer event for the organisers for sure; but timed right, all wishing to attend from all classes from all member Countries could be accommodated.
But then you get someone asking how does a junior/lady/senior ever have the chance to compete against them? I think when we've taken juniors they've actually done quite well in the standings, as have the SA juniors. I know my other 1/2 doesn't want to be sidelined because of her sex, and I know of a senior shooter that wouldn't want the same, probably because he stands a good chance of winning the overall title. Cripes, Ian's done it 3 times, i think you'll be a brave man to suggest he won't again.

Francois has placed on the cusp of the top 20, and inside the top 10 on the last 3 worlds events. There were 2 who equalled my score or beat me in Norway. I don't see any reason personally why they shouldn't be given a chance to represent their team or take a shot at the title any more than I would be. It's worth noting that Andrew Gillott lost a shootoff against Francios in Italy.

Perhaps someone should ask him what his thoughts are.

The WFTF created the problem, the hosts will have to sort it out, or the WFTF will, or nothing will change. We've suggested at least 3 ways in which more people could shoot the event. One was rejected because the majority rejected shooting under 3 minutes per lane, and the other two have not been deemed possible within the resources the BDS have.

I think it's time that the WFTF started looking ahead a bit further and perhaps hosts and the federation should communicate their expectations before an event is announced and not afterwards. We have discussed this informally already for quite some time. The worlds is a big event and there are a growing amount of responsibilities in hosting it. I think this is possible and something everyone could share the load of. The issue is that in some quarters there are some that expect it to be exactly to their own liking and for someone else to do the work for that to happen.

But it changes little to the fact that the EFTA officers have not been made aware of any junior wishing to attend the worlds, of any issue which precludes them from qualifying, and any proposal which differs or objects to the ones already agreed on. Nor was the question ever raised about Home Internationals on my watch.

Indeed the EFTA was approached by a visiting country a year or so ago to do a junior match between their (already) visiting juniors and ours. We had to decline because at the time we could think of just one junior FT shooter, who at the time did not seem to be shooting nationals. That offer was made to the BFTA and the EFTA, and neither could think of further names.

Now apparently we have a massive problem with junior shooter opportunity in FT in England, yet still we have no names.

In Norway 4 juniors, no EFTA juniors went, we took 12 people (from memory) with places open even at the end.
In Italy 5 juniors, no EFTA juniors went, we took 25 people (from memory) with no-one left behind.
In Hungary 8 juniors, no EFTA juniors went, we took (16?) with no-one left behind. The 8 were 1 SA shooter (francois) and 7 Hungarians.
In SA 9 juniors, no EFTA juniors went, we took (12?) with no-one left behind. The 9 were all SA shooters.

So in the last 4 worlds that I have attended, there have been no EFTA juniors left behind, no correspondence either formally or informally with myself about juniors willing to go, and no-one prevented from going. Out of those 4 championships the sole participants in the juniors have been hungarian and south african, despite several countries in attendance each year.

So there has been plenty of opportunity for juniors to represent their country, represent the EFTA as a junior or team member, and no-one has been excluded to date by EFTA qualification.

So where exactly is the problem, or is it yet again when the worlds is on our doorstep someone fancies it because it's just 500 miles further than a return trip to Scotland? That somehow just because they are older, younger, have different bits that they suddenly must have the given right to attend even though we've not sent one to the past 4, some of which were barely further away.

Adam, I hope we have this problem when it's your turn to host. But i'll bet you a pint that we won't. I'll bet you a pint that we don't even have a junior wanting to go, or that then the stick will be prodding the subject of juniors needing funding to go to the worlds.
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