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Originally Posted by greyskullnz View Post
Without passing any comment on any RGB's methods of determining their members going to Worlds events,.......perhaps its time WFTF started adding days to the main event.

Juniors/Seniors Days or any other added classes legally allowed in the Hosts territory, then the main event for Springers/PCP as the finale.

Turn up in time for your own match,......... maybe watch the other days as a spectator/supporter.

Longer event for the organisers for sure; but timed right, all wishing to attend from all classes from all member Countries could be accommodated.
Long days/week for the organisers, it's already taking over 5hrs per course as it is. Germany will be 6.5hrs with 4 per lane and no stoppages!

One target per lane, 150 lanes =450 shooters which is more than enough to accommodate everyone for the three days all shooting at the same time in the same conditions. Not ideal but how else can it happen fairly?
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