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Originally Posted by Foady View Post
Quick fire question:

I want to shoot HFT. Currently plinking with a .22 Air Arms TDR 410 - fun but the wrong kit and calibre for HFT.

Budget is not an issue so I have been sniffing around the Daystate Panther 1.77 which seems top notch.
Nevertheless I also have some brand alignment to Air Arms and have looked at their MPR 400.

I guess I don't want to pitch up with a Panther and look like the guy with "all the gear but no idea..." so thinking that the Air Arms MPR might be a good purchase to test my definite interest and ability?

Any insight on the suggested tools above or an alternative would be welcomed.

Thanks in anticipation....

I would recommend an MPR over the panther anyway but if budget isn't an issue then buy what your comfortable with, if your not sure wether your going to commit to hft then a s400f is a great starting point for the money.

Best just to try different guns (if you can), don't worry about what people think mate, use what you want...... F@ck em.


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