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Top day out today and in everyway made so by Shooting with Arms dealer.

seems like ages since we both shot together and were actually trying to hit things, this being a worlds qualifier lol

anyway, Oaktree for rd 1 of the 2012/13 Wafta Ft champs.

Weather was very good, sunny though in the trees of Oaktree not that you would notice too much, light breeze (or none at all) and although a very long course (12 over 50 yards), right for the conditions today?

Even the parking was not an issue, apart from morf that is lol
Only bad thing about today was the poor entry. Just 25 shooters.

Zero range showed a couple of extra clicks needed on 45m + .
not sure if its the drop in temp / colder air the pellets are flying through the last couple of sessions?

To avoid the "que" thoguh Arms dealer and I shot gunned ourselfs down to lane 9, which was where the camera was clicking away.
Out of focus ! Like arms dealers S&B FT lol

anyway, 46 m was the first target, inside 3 edge and watched it smack into centre of paddle. next target was 44m and the same.
Three spliters today, two long full kills thatt were only glancing blows but I will say my 15ml splitter at 22m was class.
Pellet struck plate, most of splash on plate but perhaps 1/4 of the pellet got through.
my head was up and looking at the 8y 15ml when the other one fell, very slowly over.
much to Arms dealers disbelief lol

Only miss of the day was a 40m Kneeler. it looked a flatish shot when standing, but when in position it was a bit more inclined that i expected. With but hook in the low position i was forcing the front up and became unsteady. went for another of those " I can beat the moving cross hair" shots, but failed. struck 7 edge.

We saw wind that moved pellets hald a kill to kill and a half. you just had to read it today in the fickle conditions. Like norway really.

Speaking of which i have come to the conclusion my lucky Norweigian cap only works in norway and today i used the Lucky Irish Cap. Those three splitters i thus acredit to Connor, always learn of the best is the saying.

A month now until rd 2 and by then it may be the Priest is choice?

for todays reference though it was Rev + Black stock, No 27 Luep + Dai 39 Exact, lubed and sized to 4.50.

Watched most of the pellets in flight, top set up.
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