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Default Summer Gauntlet 2012 - R7 Clan 7/10/2012 - Sponsored By Aim Field Sports

Massive thanks to Rivi for the use of Turton due to the ground conditions at the Clan range being unsuitable for a gauntlet this week. It was a late, unexpected change of venue but safety and enjoyment of all Gauntlet competitors takes priority.

Thanks to Nige & Sarah for the excellent catering

Congratulations to Sam Oultram to be the newest addition to the red badge club with a fantastic score of 59 ex 60 in todays tricky conditions ranging from drifting patchy fog to bright sunshine & switching winds all within a couple of hours.

Top Junior goes to Elliott Compton and Oddball winner goes to Ian Paul. Bonus Bunny was won by Forts Darren Powell.

Name Club Class score
Sam Oultram RR Open 59
Dave Ramshead RR Open 58
Andy Wilson RR Open 58
Ray Ross RR Open 57
Brian Lewis FO Open 56
Chris Morton RR Open 56
Danny Jones FO Open 55
John Oldroyd RR Open 55
Steve Oultram RR Open 55
Bill Jones FO Open 54
Jim Harney OL Open 54
Phil Sharples RR Open 54
Andy Stevenson FO Open 53
Darren Powell FO Open 53
Bruno Aiello OL Open 53
Matt Brookes OL Open 53
James McLachlan RR Open 53
Elliott Compton Clan Jnr 52
Chris Ely Clan Open 52
Chris Roberts FO Open 52
Don Edge OL Open 52
John Rawnsley RR Open 52
Nigel Jones FO Open 51
Rhian Jones FO Open 51
Dave Benyon RR Open 51
Scott Clark FO Open 50
Chris Baker FO Open 50
Paul Thelwell FO Open 50
Mike Turner FO Open 50
Andy Jones RR Open 50
Geoff Watkinson RR Open 50
Steve Taylor RR Open 50
Ian Unsworth RR Open 50
Ian Paul RR Odd 50
Mark Smith FO Open 49
Colin Wilkinson Open 49
Emily Clark FO Jnr 48
Carole Roberts FO Open 48
Lee Meadows RR Odd 48
Roger Arnold Open 48
John Morgan OL Open 47
Craig Rochell CL Open 46
Drew Thompson FO Open 46
Ian Lockett OL Open 46
Paul Kelly RR Open 46
Stuart Bell SP Open 46
Harry Compton Clan Open 45
Ian Roberts FO Open 45
Jack Rowland OL Open 45
Karyn Macfarlane RR Open 45
Harry Thornley RR Open 45
Glen Hoskin Clan Jnr 44
Melissa Rowland OL Open 44
Peter Glover RR Odd 44
Dave Duncan CH Open 43
Derek Whittingham RR Open 43
Martin Thorpe Open 43
Emily Roberts FO Jnr 42
Mia Roberts FO Jnr 42
Phil Kelly OL Open 42
Steve Macfarlane RR Open 42
Gareth Armitage OL Open 41
Tommy Russell Open 41
Alan Meadows RR Open 40
Mick Bate FO Open 39
Brian Franklin FO Open 38
Rick Hallam FO Open 37
Matthew Lockett OL Jnr 37
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