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Originally Posted by D Hat View Post
I think as a hosting club you have a responsibility to try and put on a good shoot.We left at 5.30 this morning to come and support you, with the cost of fuel and the ferry made it a mistake I wouldnt be looking to repeat.Targets that didnt work and endless stoppages made for a miserable day.Perhaps more time setting the course and less time on here telling us about it would help.
We, as a club, have held a number of Winter League rounds and so know what should be expected and which should have gone with much fewer interruptions. We do check everything before hand in the weeks coming up to the event but, and I am sure we are not the only club, gremlins can and will creep in.

We are probably the most isolated of the regions clubs but support all other clubs in the region that hold Winter League rounds by coming to their grounds and have done so for 6 years.

As chairman I could have said nothing but felt that 'our' standard was poor and felt that a public apology was necessary for all those that did turn up.

Yes Woody it was a record for an Island event which is what has heaped even more embrassment to the club for the course standard.
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