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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
Winter League Round 1.

On behalf of Carisbrooke club I would like to apologise for the shoot today as, in mine and the clubs, the standards fell short of what should be expected at a Winter League shoot. Despite months of planning Murphy's law went all over the shoot.

There were, and being brutally honest, far to many whistles for a days shooting which should have been enjoyable but turned out to be a slog. These were in the end down to three targets. So reviewing the day 1 was due to the ground significantly softening over night due to the rainfall Friday evening filtering down.

The other two were actual targets. It seems that the 15mm sparrows seem to have operation issues and for future shoots we are not going to use them.

So again on behalf of the club, I apologise for a below par Winter Shoot

Carisbrooke AGC - Chairman.
From a personal aspect, thanks Andy for coming on here to offer your apologies etc.

We all know you guys attend the majority of the CSFTA W-L shoots and that is why a lot of the region members like to support you, and with a 40+ attendance level today that must be getting on for an IOW winter league record..!?

But yes, I believe people may have left slightly frustrated today with the amount of whistles and the few questionable course targets.

On a positive note it was great to see so many faces at the shoot and congratulations to Dave Purcell who I think shot a 'PB' by only missing x1 target and Steve P on usual top form also dropping x1.

Roll on North Oxon!


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