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Default Wafta 2012 / 13 Ft Championship. Rd 1 - Oaktree FTC

The opening round of the Wafta ft series got off to a great start at Oaktree FTc.

Bad news first, the turn out, just 25 shooters. I have suggested wafta asks members why so few are attending shoots as I dont know if competion numbers are down antionally or is it just wafta?

Good new, good course, a little long it seemed at times but with the fickle wind today there was enough to catch most.

Big Mike took the overall with a clean, 40 ex 40.

Got some Pics, they will be added later.

AA Class

EX 40
Mike ( I was not practising asll day saturday) Williams 40
Simon ( Lucky Irish hat) Evans 39
Jack (Berty is dressing like me) Harris 38
Peter (I fear no disapline) Jacob 3
Chris (I only just set up my new comp) Keyworth 35
Berty ( I gave that out of kill) Basset 33
Doz (no one wants to shoot with me apart from this drunk Tosh) Falconer 33
Nigle (How do you fill that gun) Hayman 32
Dean ( Hardly heard a moan from him? )Jukes 32
Dave ( better buy a springer to go to Germany) Gage 31
John (I`m spending dads 8 winnings) Kociombas

A class

Russel ( How do you miss) summers 31
John ( I`m in the money) Lewis 30
Dave ( its been so long i forgot about him) Williams 29
Steve (Genuine A class) Chubb 24
John ( I must re-grade myself to B class ) Johnson 22

B class

Craig (Whats a plumb line) Corbett 28
Steve ( I got your pocket money John ) Kociombas 20
Derk ( Glad bear is back ) Bendon 18

C class

Tosh (its 3am i better go Shooting or spewing) Croker 27
Paul (Gadget beats Morf again) Davies 26
Morf (Have 4x4 can go anywhere - nearly) 23
Gary (Nice Steyr ) morgan 17
Chris ( wish i had an Ft scope) Davies 14
Mark (The Bear makes a return) Thomas 5
BFTA Grading Q's to;
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