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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
I've just gone back to my med mounts which gives me a 2" scope to barrel height Dave.. Used to get on ok with it before & been struggling with low mounts on the long shots.... just means 8 yds is 3 dots & 10 is 2... other than that not alot of difference except now the 45's are a dot insted of a dot & a half which was playing havoc with my head.... The lower mounts prob work better with a 35yd zero TBH.. Just my findings & I think it's more what you are comfortable with & get used to TBH.
Give it a try on Sunday at the home shoot mate.
It's amazing how all our aim points are so different, my scope is on low mounts & with a 30y zero I'm on 2md for 8y, 1md for 10y & 1md for 45y
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