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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
If you're only struggling with 55 yards plus; ie " fine up to 53-55yds " I would suggest you haven't got a problem.
If you believe that a scope is a laser rangefinder then I think you're mistaken.

I love Tool, he's a great bloke, but sometimes he may be misinterpreted.
What he is actually saying is stop listening to bollocks on the internet and get down your local club for some experienced guidance.
If your local club is full of fuckwits with no grasp on shooting techniques then come to Castle on a Saturday shoot and I will teach you what I know. Some may say this is next to nothing but **** them, I beat them all the time.

So come and shoot with us and ask a bellyfull of questions, I won't lie to you and it's your choice if you take my advice or not. What can you lose? I'm not going to charge you!

By the way, my name is Neil Daniels.
I'll agree with Neil here...
Top bloke with top advice.
I don't listen to him though but he does beat me now and then, until the wind comes hehe...

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