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Due to a previous commitment (someones wedding ) spent today at the club getting as much done as possible before hitting it again tomorrow afternoon for a few final hours. All targets sprayed(yellow or white on alternate lanes) and greased. New strings attached ready to pull out Sunday morning.

The ground is currently damp underfoot in the copse where a majority of the course is, and we have been removing and cleaning up most of the dead fall (incinerator been going over a few weekend) and last night brought a few more it seems . The field is OK for parking (sandy soil) and the forecast I hope is correct with no rain for Sunday just cloud.

We are intending to put a few tarpaulins up amongst the trees to give some sort of cover just in case. I will give another update tomorrow when I get back, but the course is looking interesting with a few changes of direction

Now all I need to do is shift my blocked sinuses and I will be all well and good for Sunday.
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