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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Theirs no such thing as the best FT scope.
What works for someone else and who swears that theirs is the best model won't necessarily be any good for someone else.
Evey scope has its traits and every scope moves,those that swear by theirs being the best are the ones who have spent probably years learning it.
I've had a nikko mk3,sightron and now the schmidt bender PM2.
I found the sightron range found better than the nikko but moved slightly more.
The schmidt bender moves like a *******,but once learned I find it awesome,the image quality I personally think is the best i've ever looked through.
It snaps in and out like a sightron/nikko,but like I said it moves like hell,enough for me to have to use 5 pointers on it plus I need a temp gauge on it too to check the temp before EVERY shot.
Despite all these traits it has i've learnt it,scopes DON'T win competitions learning your equipment and reading the wind wins comps.
This is very true.

Everyone believes that their chosen scope is the best.

I'm the only one who's right.
Less is more.

More or less.

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