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Originally Posted by Robf View Post
what are they bob?

could do with a few for CGC to test... are they free or do they cost?
there free rob from H&N just email them from the email listed on here with your address and they post them to you FOC even p+p

received ours last week I tried 5 of each pellet at 50 yrds.

The field target trophy`s were very tight in my EV2 barrel both 4.51`s & 4.52`s, l could feel them scrape over the transfer port and grouped like a clock face i used these 3 years ago in my 1st gun S400 (no longer own) and they were brill but not in my EV2 .
The barracuda heavy weights group really well but had to go one full turn on my top turret to get the pellet to land on my cross hair at 50 yrds.
As for the copper ones all the skirts were damaged and didn`t group at all all over the place at 20/30/40/50/55 yrds

So think i`ll stick to my JSB`s

the pellets are at the club now for others to try so ill let you know what results everyone else gets

The results above are only a test with my EV2 and may work and be good in other guns so have a trial your self and see how they go

cheers shaun
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