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Default Pellet Testing

or more to the point, re-testing.

plan a was to test all the batches i have in REV out of th tin and then sized to either 4.50 or 4.52.

as I forgot to take the sizers plan b came into effect.

Not the greatest of evenings for testing as it was failry windy mixed in with some heavy rain showers.

still, Gadgets house takes care of that!

Firstly though, to bury the Dartmoor Beast.

gun, untouched from sunday apart from checking the cyclder was not touching the stock.

Used the die 40AA from sunday. At 50m apart from the blustery conditions pellets were going tight enough not to miss a 40 ml kill. Little low perhaps, 2 clicks at 50m?

Tried die 36 and a slightly tighter group which seemed not to go low confirmed nothing wrong with gun.

so Hands up, must have been a combination of things that meant I shot like a tart Sunday!

Swapped stocks back again, checked zero close and paper punching began

Die 5 - no drop and the tightest of the lot from the Tin. Said it before but for some reson seemingly less effected by wind that others.

Die 8 - Dropped low in the kill, average results

Die 10 - No drop at 50 but not particually tight.

Die 36 - Tight group but showed a slight drop at 50m

D39 - no drop and tight ish groups given the wind

D40 N - Slight drop and average groups

D40AA - slight drop but nice tight group

Did not bother with testing d50 as the ketle boiled and besides they are in short supply and have always been Priests ammo

so, unweighed and unsized die 5 (baught off Gilly) once again come out as the no 1 pellet, with nothing really to choose between die 36 (used all year) D39 and D40Aa

Interesting thing was skirt depth.
both D40 are shallow as apposed to a different shapped and deeper skirt on all the other dies?

will see if i can manage an hour or two of sized testing Saturday morning before the Wedding?

Armed with Sundays die 40AA we had a quick bash at the practise course. Average wind (about same as Tondu gp) meant out of kill about a full kill on the longer ones.
dropped 5 x 32, two of which were longish (35m) standers which split edge both times!
3 sitters ere all long with edge misses so good shots and happy that all is as it was.

Now back to not Broke so dont fix.

well almost. did adjust the ball trigger slighty further foward so my finger tip is sitting on the ball and also adjusted the palm shelf up as fel it was about 5ml too low.
Tried the reduced standers and apart from a now knackers elbow, managed to hit the 19m three in a row and 2 x 3 on the 32m one, at which point the elbow was giving me it which meant time to go!
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