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Originally Posted by wiseguy View Post
Personaly I have no doubt the Leup Comp is a great scope, however I don't like the fixed magnification. For kneelers and standers I always like to go back to 25x, wobly wobly..., also often we shoot in Germany on black targets in a dark wood.....where is it?, where is it?, tick tick tick....
In those cases it is nice to go back to 10x and zoom in again, but that might also my lack of experience.
Next sunday I have a chance looking trough a Sightron MOA, without large sidewheel, but I think it will give me a good impression compared to my BN3.
Hi Rob,
I shoot everything at 50 mag. When you initially try to find your target you can look through the scope (any scope) with both eyes open. With different scopes the target appears in different places, but with both eyes open you can learn to find your target really quickly.


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