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Originally Posted by luddite View Post
I can range find to better than half a yard between 50 and 55 yards with my 40x Leupold Competotion scope.

I'm quite sure there is no other scope, apart from a 45 Comp, that can beat that.

I've tried every scope on the market with the exception of a March.

Andrew Gillot, current FT champion, has just sold his March to buy his 45x Leopold Competotion.

Any other scope that isn't a Leopold Competition is second best.
Never heard such ballx horses for courses, a clear scope does'nt make a good range finder A big nikko is either in or out simple, if i look at a 52 yarder to where i can see the nipples on the pellet strikes & then look at a 55 yarder it's blurred simple lupes are clear, clear, crystal, course they work well but you have to learn them like everything, Same as range gaps, people are obsessed with large gaps you don't need em trust me, Anyway ken wares bottle bottom glasses and has the worst case of mixy iv'e ever seen, He'd be better wi a smartie tube with a spiders leg in it
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