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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Originally Posted by DaveyNZ View Post
In NZ my understanding of our policy is that a target can be challenged up until the second person has shot it. After that everyone has to shoot it.... if at the end of the course no one has dropped it then it will be checked and if found to have fault it will be removed. If someone drops it over the course of the day than tough bikkies....
What a load of rubbish.

shant bother with the Worlds in NZ then.

Targets can move during the course of a shoot. every faulty target needs to be checked and as Berty says by someone who knows the rules.

Day three in Norway there was a stander with a gap from 11 down to 6 that a .25 could have gone through with ease. as it was only 20 odd yards there was plenty of paddle for someone steady 9me) to aim at but i am sure others would have put a pellet through the gap.
After shooting the target i told the marshall who also expesssed no intered in taking a look.
That's a bit of a different scenario Si and you know it.... that kind of thing gets checked by the course marshalls and builders before hand. If a target is not square on or doesn't have enough paddle to cover gaps like that in the case of vertical angles then the course builders have not done a great job imho...

and don't forget we have a fine line to walk where a 12ft/lb must be able to knock a target over at 55 but they must also be able to withstand 28ft/lb faceplate hits on the close targets! Target tuning, at least at my club is done insanely carefully. Never had one of our targets fall on a miss or stay up on a hit yet... of course now I'm opening myself up to the graces of Murphy's law :-P

Of course as we move to standardise to Core Rules this offseason we'll bring our policies in line, so that issue of our challenging process should be moot come 2014 as it will be the Core Rules policy — and the high-power NZ/ AUS/ US/ Other shooters will be on a completely different course anyway.
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