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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
in the old Priest yes. or die 39.

thing is the mr.O new air stripper on Priest may mean i have to start again next week lol

In Rev its a choice of d36, 5 or 40? and 8?

got so many batches of pellet now and my poor memory i did this as i need to seperate the tins so i know what i am supposed to use in what gun!
I buy a sleeve af jsb 8.4 from kibworth gun, shoot them untill they are all gone, and then buy some more,
ive not come across a batch that has not been shootable, for all u know or anybody else the batch numbers could be big load of nonsence, the only way u could do a true and proper test on pellets, is indoors at 55 yards, bench rested, not on a wind swept hillside in sunny wales and a fat bloke wobbling around with his ev2 and a dodgy trigger technique..... oh yes u said to me u were going to stop doing this ev2 thread .........DELETE THIS THREAD....DELETE THIS THREAD....DELETE THIS THREAD....PLEASE, il buy u a note book and pen, so u can do it the old fashioned way.. and write it down
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