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Default Calling a target

From my experience.

It is rare I call a target but I do remember calling a target in the worlds in Hungary.
First target on the first day.
50 yards ish, the guy I was shooting with hit it over ( using jab heavies), I hit it higher in the kill head centre, it leaned back and came back to its original position.
I called it and the Marshall wouldn't even go out to check it.
As you can imagine I wasn't pleased and told him how to do his job as a Marshall and to check the target but he wouldn't.
James wood head was in the next group to shoot it, he had the same and called it, 2 marshallsLads went out MOVED the target and still wouldn't give James the hit. At rhe time James was the reigning world champ as well.
It's all great having the worlds in different countries which I do love but for gods sake get your marshalls to understand their jobs..
If its a faulty target or in my case the target was leaning forward a lot then once its called check it, if it has to be moved or early in the comp you can see its a hit then award that shooter with the hit..
I've always wanted to get that off my chest....!!!

Mark "berty" Bassett
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