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Default Notes on pellets

Due to my memory being, err, oh well

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
what i did decide on today was that although d50 are top ammo for the Priests barrel, sized to 4.50,
d40 also work just as well. Handy really as i have loads.
Tested d50,40 and 5 all with excellent results despite the wind.
Cant post a photo of my 50m Group as don will laugh!
Still, d40 sized to 4.50 on sunday @ showdown in the Priest is plan A.
[QUOTE=NJR 100;101324] New Die 8 gave some interesting results.

In Priest, out of the tin they were superb, pelet on pellet. I amost did a Don at 45m. They were just as good sized but If I pick some more up I wuld use straight from the Tin.

Tried them in Rev
Firstly, out of tin at 50 my, 5 shots only 2 in Kill. Other flying anywhere. Results so bad infact, i tried die 36 to check the barrel was clean. It was.
tried Die 8 again from tin and yet, real shotgun.
so, sized to 4.50 and results were flatter but wind was taking them far more than it should?

So, Die 8 for Priest only

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
and deciding what pellets to use in REV.

final choice is either die 5 or 36.
Probably 36 with the option of sized or not.
Die 5 are super but dont like being sized.
Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Thing is, my super die 36 are running low, enough left for this year only so i tells Berty i would try what ever Neath Gun shop had in stock.

That turned out to be die 40
So, Tondu this morning with fresh paper and a multi choice of pellets for REV to spit down a sunny Tondu zero range.

Tried Die 50, 36, 39, 40 and Gilly Die 5.

New die 40 were ok out of tin but better sized to 4.50.

D50 were better sized than out of tin, in fact out of tin was somewhat shotgun

D 36 great sized or tin.

D 39 were great out of tin or sized

However, the surprise package were the die 5. Crap when sized, but mega when straight from tin.

I was suitably impressed with the die 40 that i baught the rest in stock as i thaught i would use them for practise and regional comps and keep the dai 5 for Gp / worlds?
Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
spent a few hours at tondu pellet testing and then cooking myself with the new fangled side wheel chart.

Pellet test as expected showed hardly anything between d36 and Gillys d5 in the REV.

As such, decided its D5 for sunday and then the worlds.
will also have a spare ti of d36 and the sizers with me though lol

Got in a bit of a muddle with the Side wheel marking then as i may have mixed up setting for sub 20m.

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Windy test session down tondu this morning.

Priest set up with 4.50 Dai 39 were the chosen pellets and a gerand job they seemed to do as well.

15 -22 degrees but no kestrol effect today, pellets going more or less where they should.

Still think i will use its prefered Dai 50 tomorrow though?
[QUOTE=NJR 100;92605]
Results of testing showed Priest likes:

Dai 5 Tin = flyers
Dai 5 sized 4.50 - Failry Tight and flat line

D39 tin = Tight and flat
D39 sized 4.50 = Failry tight and flat line, would say size over out of tin?

D50 sized 4.50 Very tight, best of the bunch.

D10 tin - Flyers
D10 sized 4.50 flat line but spread

d20 Tin = Flat line but spread
D20 sized 4.50 = Flat line but spread.

D36 tin = Very tight apart from one flyer!
D36 sized 4.50 = Very tight and flat line.

As such, allocations of current stock are as follows


D36 straight from tin in wind
D36 sized 5.50 is no wind or slight breeeze (should have used Sunday at Gp 3!)

D5 straight from Tin


d 50 sized to 4.50

d 39 Sized to 4.50

D5 sized to 4.50


Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post

D 50 sized and D39 sized it is for Priest, d 5 did not cut it today!
Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post

die 50
REV shoots them "well" but Priest with them sized to 4.50 is Mega.
Having found Mega D36 for REV all is well.
Thing is, dai / batch numbers are changing all the time and getting big reserves of one batch is proving hard.
Hence testing dai 10,14, 20, 40 and 39.

So my wee pal Gilly is on the look out for express, i have a couple left over which i put his way and he has "Dai 50" exacts for us. However, when i part with my crash, i mean Cash in the carpark of Springfield last saturday i note they are in the old white tin lids.
Dai are identcle according to sticker under tin.

New = 5000011 Batch 1 4.52
gilly = 5007711 Batch 1 4.52.

Upon inspection i note the inside of the skirt on Gillys 50 are different to the new Dai 50 (an all other new Red label Exacts) but i decide as he gave me part opened tins i would try them.


Thats very good in REV !

Groups are the tightest i have ever done and they seem to ignore the wind more than the other pellets.

Tested them Wednesday with over 100 on paper at 55 yards, hardly missed the kill and most of the time one on top of other.
Went back yesterday which was supposed to be a work / GP6 day at tondu but had to take the REV again and re-test incase i had been dreaming lol.

Nope, super groups again! shot some of the practise targets and again they were spot on, taking less wind than i at first would have expected.
3 x 4 on 44 yard stander and 4 x 4 on 27 yard stander.
Could not miss when i tried "disabled position" but thats another thread!

So, do i now use them or stick with Dai 36.
D36 have given me the results at Gp 1 & 2 and to be honest i dont like to fix things that aint broken.
I had a simular good start to last years Gp season but REV went ill after gp 2 and the switch i think put me out of stride.
So i am hoping to do all year Gp wise with the one set up, No 1 Luep, d 36 and REV.

Its good to know that there is a super batch of Dai 50 in the wings though!

Not even tested them in the Priest lol and i still say thats got the better barrel!
[QUOTE=NJR 100;89899]Must have been using the wrong tin last time out!

Tested the Dai 20 exacts yesterday. First thing i noticed they have the shorter hole into the skirt where as all the others have that deeper hole.
first pellet, 50m, take the dot out. good start. pellet 2 on top, pellet 3 out of kill??

and so repeat for about another 60 pellets. sizing made it worse, to the point i thsught i had stated loading Eley Wasps
I came to the concliusion Dai 20 reminded me of using accupells a few years ago. Three on top of each other (sounds fun!) while other two in a group went on mystery tour.
ok at 40 m, still not pellet on pellet at 40m like the other exacts but atleast all in 40mm kill.
As such, for me dai 20 are ok for Hft ranges or plinking / practising standers / Kneelers.
Not good enough for Ft.

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Anyway, needed to set up the Priest as i had lost the crib sheet and test with dai 50 exacts.

So, 50m and did three groups of 5, the result of which and further testing was Priest likes dai 50 but more so when sized to 4.50.

tried a touch of lube and that too worked well.

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