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Default Ding Ding round 2 (Year 2?)

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post

Normal service has resumed, u went a bit quite after u were knocked out of the showdown in round one
lol, and another bad day on sunday, id say u were losing it, but u never had it in the first place
Your right, I have been quiet.

Actually i have been busy with wedding work and as i said its making rain shelters for the club along with the very helpfull mr.gadget (in terms of helpfull he actually did most of it lol)
Speaking of Work mr Saville row. Can you make a liner for my bean bag as its costing me a fortune in balls

Indeed after the far to cramped Gp season and Worlds i have been somewhat glad to not be shooting.
Thats why another two 50 shot courses at Weston park dont apeal to me.

Perhaps that was half the problem Sunday, I was not in competion mode.
I have on the whole managed to turn on competion mode for the Gp series and certainly the worlds and shoot much better.
Abut the only thing i am excited about in terms of shooting at the moment is getting the Priest back from Mr.O on October 14th and trying the new set up.

Will that be the no 1 gun for 2013? hope so

Not sure wha to make of the winter really.

We are not doing the mfta as a winter league now. arms dealer got to much House building to do and i got to much expense with a new roof!
Castle, Sywell and Dowry Hill are three Mfta shoots i want to do. anything else will be extra.

Wafta now have a year long 16 shoot championship, best 12 to count. Will start that and see what happens. If the grounds and courses are up to scratch will give it a go?

Not sure I like yourself will do all Gp next year?
Depends what grounds they are at and what the time scale is like. I dont fancy 500 miles to aim at the kill all day long.

No 1 target is Germany, all else in 2013 will be based around that week
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