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Default Dartmorr disaster

No idea what happened yesterday, apart from a barn door could have been handy

Swefta Showdown @ Dartmoor.

Not having been to this Swefta club as yet it looked like a good day out.
nice short 20 shot comps, good practise.

Speaking of which, we not been doing much of late really after spending the time over the last couple of weeks building a Tndu Shooting shelter.

Did finally shoot 36 targets at Tondu saturday afternoon with gadget.Dropped 10 which given the wondy conditions (about double what we had in the Gp) thus what i term a windy Tondu day was not bad, 4 of the misses being splitters!

So, all set up and shooting well during match of the day i decided i wanted to swap stocks!

Been waiting to go back to no 1 stock after the summer on no 2 stock but as no 2 action is away being transformed into no 1 action until Oct 14th, could not wait and thaught no harm can come of it?
I regually swap stocks.

Sunday started at 4am and by 4,45 i was on the road to the wilds of Dartmoor, armed with a postcode and Sad nav.
turns out the club is on the edge of dartmoor and faily easy to find, just acouple miles off a38. Thus i arrived at 8.15 ready for the 9 am start. turns out it was 10 am start!

Zero check.

15 y the board said. i had to believe it as no 27 sidewheel is marked in clicks. Dialed the given number only to see the pellet stike 10 ml low and 10 ml left? Not what you expect at that range on a sheltered range.

Twiddled the windage so all was straight, but still low? Went onto a 55 yard paper target. my scope told me it was past 50m which i put down to an angle to the target.
Low, but windage seemed ok.
tried a board maked 45y. Made it 3m! Spent about 30 pelets on the zero by which time i was convinced i was shooting straight, but maybe under ranging targes?

Rd 1.
T 1 - full kill comes up at about 30m. Gave half inch wind out of 3 only to see it strike 6?
Missed a 12.7ml at under 12 y as i miss read my aim point.
Missed a pair of standers, including a short 25 ml one! Just so out of sorts it was unreal lol
Missed a couple of good targets for wind, kill + half at 40 yards was not uncommon in a stong R - L wind.
In the end, I struggled to a crap 13 ex 20 and had a cople of low shots with a few wdge of kill.

Confidence a bit snapped in the new die 40 i swapped back t die 36 for rd 2 where i was up against Steve Franklin.
Shot a bit better but again missed a stander through nothing but a poor shot. Saw a pellet drop low on the 47m Squirrel up on the pole. gutted as i had given it about 6 inches of wind. Pellet struck right on 6 edge.

ended out on 15 with Steve 17. There waere at least 2 misses i should have nailed, the stander being one!

So, somewhat bemused i sent Fisher my results, thaught it would help make his day lol

3+ half hour drive home was plenty to think about what went wrong. Really, despite the at times very strong gusty winds, it should have been a 17+ each round.

Not sure that the clicks on the side wheel is best for fast shooting. I seem better off with meters marked for that as i range find by eye usually prior to sitting.
Cant really see that the stock swap had put me that much out of my stride?
Mayber the pellets?

No, probably just me. May have been tired with the early stat. Had to stop for 30 min power kip on the way home.

Will not touch anything now but will take REV to Tondu Wednesday, rain or not lol, and test the pellets at 40 + 50m on card. Then will do some chrono checking if any low shoots pop up.

will then swap the stocks back and leave as its been all summer.
Something about not breaking up a winning combination springs to mind!!
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