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Smile Best days shoot of the year; thanks to all at LV

A huge thanks to Andy, Roger and all at Lea Valley for taking the time to organise this superb shoot.
It's one we've been looking forward to for months as there's something hugely enjoyable about a woods filled with springers of every make, model and size and the relaxed nature of the day. The competition was excellent with extremely well thought out targets and just enough of that classic LV wind to thoroughly confuse. I lost track of how many targets we saw with *history* in at least 3 different areas as the wind swirled, dropped and then changed direction completely. -Take that 2nd reducer in the first pistol range. The 1st reducer (squirrel?) at around 15yards..straight at it..flop. 2nd reducer, a crow with a ring around the hole only around 5yds to the right and about 3yds further back. When we got to it the kill was still completely untouched.

When we left it was still untouched.

Almost an inch of wind to the left; well done Kyle!

Lets not even mention the rabbit stander by the shed in the next copse.

Many thanks to Andre for his company and banter (hasn't Philip grown!!!), and the rain pixies for being nice to us.

Dads still muttering and puttering at donuting the long rat between the logs at the edge of the field and I'm chuffed that my 77/97k bitsa-this-and-bitsa-that with carbined carbine barrel seems to be working rather nicely
Gary I have a spare Daisy I can lend you if the Steyr doesn't work out
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