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Originally Posted by IAN TAYLOR View Post
Do not like were your going with this, any one who would like advice as only to ask and i tell all, as for the classes i think you are putting the ladies down there is no reason what so ever why a woman can not win the worlds. I won the worlds in 2008 and was classed as a veteran but passed it down to the next veteran.if you want to get personal like this talk to me at a shoot not on here. Ian
I think you will have realised by now that I dont like where you have have been coming from with this post. I think it was ill concieved not thought through and insensative to the parents of the Junior shooters that have attented the Worlds over the last few years. Have you any conception of how many 10s of thousands of pounds that it has cost the parents of Craig McDonald ,John Costello, Francois DuToit since 2006 just to name 3 of the many juniors that have attented the Worlds . Why do think we have done it, well in my case and I am sure in the case of the other parents its not to go the pub and brag about my Son winning a cake.

With regard to the Ladies I am not putting them down at all I am supporting them as you well know, you are just trying to twist this round as you have not thought this through ,name me one sport ( just one) in the Olympics , any World , European , Pan Asian or any other National, championships , where Women compete against men. They all have there own class.

With regard to getting personal , you got personal when you started this post or thread ,they are your personal views , thoughts , feelings or whatever . You have not presented them on behalf of a third party or body such as the BFTA or EFTA.

Why should you want to talk to me at a shoot , you have started a discussion on an open internet forum surely it should continue in this format. However I would not want anybody to think that I am avoiding a discussion with you, so if you think that it is essential we can arrange that.
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