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My vote would be HW100. Mine got me into AA grade, though I now shoot a Steyr.
It was standard apart from a GinB stock and a UK Neil muzzle break.

Just a thought as yours is going back to HC now, but I always knew when my barrel wanted a clean as it started throwing pellets wide. 3 or 4 pull throughs and it was back on song. It groups as well as my LG100 at 55 yards. Maybe it's something as simple as that?

Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
The 410 is it the carbine version?
You may find that shot count will be a bit low.
The 400 classic is the normal choice for beginer's in ft,not sure what the shot count is like on the hw but both rifle's are very capable of hitting target's in ft.
The 410 is the multi shot version. You really want a single shot pellet tray, as it will be a pain removing the mag between lanes as per the rules. The shot count is about 90 on my full length .177 HW100. I guess 100+ would be possible with tuning.
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