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Default Decision to be made. Please Help

Hi All,
Iím looking for advice as Iíve got myself in a pickle. About a year ago I started air rifle shooting having had a love for it as a kid. Anyway, the wife chirped up that she would like to come along. So after trying a few guns I ended up with a HW100 and the wife an Air Arms S410. Anyway after a short time, during the harsh winter last year, the wife gave up shooting (which is OK by me as a bit of bloke time is great). Since then Iíve been bit by the Field Target bug and Iím going into my first comp real soon. The problem is this, my HW100 started throwing pellets all over the place a few weeks ago and after being looked at by a gunsmith is on itís way back to Hull Cartridge. So since then Iíve been shooting with the Air Arms S410 and for FT itís pretty good. But now I've getting serious about FT I want to upgrade the scope to a from a Hawke 8-32x56 to a Big Nikko. So to fund this some thing has got to go. I have single shot magazineís on both rifles so both can work in FT but which way would you go? AA S410 or HW100? and why?
If I had my time over again I wouldnít have bought rifles so quickly (which is the advice everyone gives) but here I am- the cautionary tale. Iíd like to get as many opinions on this as possible as I donít want to make another U Turn later down the line although I do expect to upgrade the rifle at some point.
Many thanks
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