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See this is the debate that needs to be decided upon before we work out what to propose... is it an open, is it for the cream?

It seems that both camps are quite entrenched. The solution in my mind is to open the event up so that all can go (within reason). I don't expect it to be an event where 100 from a country can attend to the exclusion of others, but I think it's possible to get a larger amount in one way or another.

And also I feel the WFTF should perhaps look to the future and say what happens when we get 40 countries, or 50? It's likely to tail off, but then again if it's in India, why not China, South Korea, etc... I don't know what airgun laws are like in the far east, but there could be more expansion.

As an aside, if anyone is into ISSF shooting and has seen the uproar that the new rules summary has produced, we can take solace that even the big pro organisations don't have it right yet, and that in some respects the WFTF isn't doing bad considering it's 30 odd countries talking via email and has had a successful championships in many countries each year enjoyed by everyone who attends. It aint perfect but it's far away from broken.
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