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Default shutz ?

Originally Posted by Lofty View Post
Lofty , get on down to Iceni at colchester and have a look around . they being an old club might even have a 18+40 still being used . either way they have a good selection of rifles and scopes to try . i picked up a non EFR 18+40 anodised silver, with sunshade , mounts and 50 foot adapter for 300 . so they are around .??? HOLLY

Hi Holly,
Was down there the other week saying hi to some of the old gang. No scopes for sale there at the moment going back again this week if all goes well, see if anyone else has anything. Ron and Anne were away last visit.

Plus you, you old bugger ( I mean that in a good way) you seem to be buying up all the good stuff as soon as it hits the listings. I bet it was you who got that hardly used Anschutz a few months back before me !!.

Hi Tye,
I know that the big Nikko is the one to have at the moment but as in my original post if I got one then it'll be a safe bet that I'd get drawn back into competitive shooting on the circuit.
Hence why I'm really limiting myself to a 32 mag as a maximum or possibly another 18-40 EFR Leup ( I really liked that scope) so that I can hold my own at club level.


Nah i got a good shutz from our club . i had a really unusual stock that i got on something else , it was just sitting there doing nothing . i bought the club shutz to put in it . just waiting for dave lillywhite to finnish it . will keep an ear to the ground for a 18+40 . but cheap they are not . not heard of one going below 300 . see big bazza sunday . he was looking for a good scope for his HW100 ??? HOLLY
PS if they tell you that a shutz has had little shooting ? look at the surface of the breech under the slide . mine is silver where it has had so much shooting . if little shooting it will be pitch black .
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