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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
Whilst I respect the both of you, Ian & Gerard, if you do have an issue then sort it out between yourselves.

My response is that Ian is more than willing to help out, look at how he helped Chris Smith for instance if you want to talk about bringing Juniors on. On the flip side of the coin I have never had any reason to doubt anything you have said Gerard so if it did happen maybe Ian was having a bad day, we are entitled to one or two of these???

Was a little worried when Ian wrote " there is no reason what so ever why a woman can not win the worlds. I won the worlds in 2008 and was classed as a" but then read Veteran at the end, must admit to reading it numerous times just to make sure.

So we now have proof that the event was always a team event, think it may be time to realise also that we are just one small fish in a rather large pond, we no longer command nor direct the sport as much as we used to.

With regards qualifying I do like the idea of having a list of rankings, if only for England. We could take your top 5 winter league score, top 5 GP events and also 2 major events - think this qualifies as showing commitment to the sport this could then be used to create the England team then with any spare places we could go down the list asking those who want to go. Yes it'll pee off people who don't do GP's or don't do local winter leagues but at least it sets out what you have to do, how commited you have to be. A one off event is not the answer, well not for me anyway.

Just my thoughts.

A good suggestion in my view, committed you have to be, so if you don't do GPs or attend the Winter leagues in your region then frankly I think you dont have a right to go to the worlds. A grading system already exists in GB and they are the GPs and Winter leagues. I have just come back to the sport this year after a 4 year break, Although I don't stand a chance of qualification, I still attended all of the GPs, and will more than likely do all of the WLs as well. Maybe it's not fair in a way, as the top places will more than likely be taken by the usual names who regularly come out on top....but this almost guarantees that someone from GB will come back with the title. ( no disrespect to the top shooters from other member countries of WFTF)
Surely other members of WFTF also have some kind of grading system to find out who is on top in their countries. So to me it's not rocket science...the top 4/5 shots from each country qualify for the worlds in PCP class. That's 150 competitors who are the best from their countries shooting against each other for the world title. The other classes can be run alongside this...say to a maximum of 300 places. I know not all countries can accommodate this number, but there are several who can. Neil.

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