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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I bet an EFTA hoody that all this uproar will disappear when it's NZ time and then it will be moaning about how much it costs and how it's not a true test because X can't afford to go, and Y has got a cold and X's dog has eaten his pellets.
I won't take you up that cos I think I would owe you a hoody!

But if you do make it out here in 2014 Rob, your beers are on me.... oh and it's not 9E a pop out here either, thank goodness! (otherwise I'd be broke already!)

Originally Posted by Tonyn View Post
just a thought , why cant the worlds be run over a series of shoots rather than just the one event ??
That way anybody who wants to have a go can,, best scores going on to the next round ect.
Then when the tally is down to 150-200 whatever , whoever got through , got through on merit/skill ect

This would allow everybody ,who took part over the series to at least say to themselves ,"hey i was given a chance and did my best/worse) but at least i was given the oppotunity regardless of springers/ladies/kids ect

just a thought
I always thought a series made up of say the Euros, the Euskadi and say the Baltic Cup (Is that what it's called, I can't remember?) would make an interesting competition circuit. If only I was closer to Europe!
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